We invite input from the Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering communities in the following areas:

1.  Cases of past collapses of tall buildings in earthquakes, anywhere in the world.  Ideally, case studies can be assembled, with photos of the affected building(s), before and after the collapse, the intensity of ground shaking, the height, age and structural system, along with whatever is know about the failure in the structural system (including the foundation) that led to the collapse.  The mode and direction of collapse should be noted, and the impact area diagrammed.  The case study should describe the consequences of collapse in terms of fatalities and injuries, damage to surrounding structures, contamination to the surrounding area, and time to demolish and rebuild.

2.  Recommendations for structural analysis tools for the analysis of collapse probability for towers in earthquakes, toppling modes and directions, and building-to-building impacts.

3.  Other issues related to collapse and urban risk:

  • Implications for search and rescue, fire fighting, and public order
  • Damage to transportation lifelines (road, rail) and utilities (water, power, gas) 
  • Debris quantities generated by collapse and the process of removal
  • Falling cladding, ornamentation, window glass, signs, etc.
  • Debris cloud generated, with its health and environmental impacts

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